We have expertise in extrusion coating of complete plugs, sockets or single delicate parts. We combine both high- and low-pressure moulding within our production and use both TPE and ‘hot melt’ to create individual, water and chemical proof solutions.

Hot melt

Hot melt techniques protect single parts and assembly groups from intrusive environmental influences, like penetrating water. It is particularly useful as a cost-effective alternative for smaller series and special vehicles.

Cable assembly

The production from Maehler & kaege has been designed to process all possible cables types and sizes from single core wires to highly specialized and customer multi core cables. Twisting, semi automatic crimping and coiling belong to the possibilities.

Heat shrinking

As a specialized military supplier, Maehler & Kaege has to fulfill the highest possible standards. Within the harnessing we have a a wide range of heat shrinking experience for all different application.

Ultrasonic welding

To make multiple connections possible, Maehler & Kaege offers the possibility to use ultrasonic welding to make high quality and reliable splices possible.

100% quality audit

Maehler & Kaege has been manufacturing electrical connections for both the OEM and aftermarket for many decades. We are now rightfully known as an expert and partner in our field. We consider customer requirements the starting point of our assignment. But we are not satisfied until our products also meet technical standards and expectations of our customers.

In the assembly of harnessing solutions, quality plays an extraordinary role. For this reason, we consider our quality system to be of great importance. We introduced sophisticated crimp and assembly processes: fully automated and monitored. Further along in the process, we operate with computer-controlled assembly processes and test procedures. Effectively, this constitutes a 100% quality audit. As a result, our comprehensive product portfolio meets the various quality requirements and certifications. Moreover, it corresponds to the highest quality standard in the automotive sector.

Full Service supplier

Maehler & Kaege offers easy access to both a wide product range. But of course, even excellent products can fall short in specific client or application situations. With the same agility we manufacture small lots or even prototypes or one-off solutions according to customized needs. As partner, consultant and project manager, we take our responsibility and guide the complete process. After that, we provide you with detailed documentation, CAD-drawings and 3D-files.

Our organization and processes are set up for optimal flexibility and logistic performance. This is supported by efficient systems for electronic data interchange (EDI).