Products and services

Two main product ideas

Our product philosophy is based on two main ideas: an extensive range of reliable and affordable customized products and large portfolio of innovative ready-to-use products.

Standard Products

Maehler & Kaege offers a complete range of off-the-shelf connecting products, which are used to for trailer connectivity, auxiliary power applications and to connect to external power sources to all kind of vehicles. Within this standard range we offer our customers different combinations and can adapt the products to the exact wishes and requirements of the application.


But what makes Maehler & Kaege remarkable, is our wide range of tailoring solutions which transform a specific requirement or application into a high-quality product to tightly fit its purposes. With over a century of activity in electrical connections Maehler & Kaege has built an extensive installed base of e-connection products including cables and wire harnesses. It goes without saying that this can only be achieved if we cooperate closely with our clients and partners. This enables us to build unique solutions varying from product with modifications in length, colour, material or connection schemes, to cleverly engineered wire- and cable harnessing solutions. In summary Maehler & Kaege distinguishes itself by being ale to link its experience and capabilities from the connectors with the complexity and the high requirements of the harnesses and build one solution for the customer.


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