Customized products

Within our customized products, we distinguish 2 groups of products, namely cable assemblies and wire harnesses.

Cable harnesses

Cable harnesses are considered electronic connections and cable connections mainly formed by multi core cables with a outer sheathing which are used out side an application or vehicle. Often the surroundings are harsh and demanding like the trailer or military market.

Within this group we supply the customer with advice and the experience how best to connect the best possible connectors, switches, sensors or other electronic devices to have the best possible and cost optimized solution.

We apply the latest technologies to get the most innovative solutions, including macro melt or hot melt, heatshrinking, soldering or braiding.

Examples of our product applications include:

  • Battery cables: to connect and charge the battery packs
  • Trailer cables: to control and manage external axes, hydraulic applications or trailer lighting CANBUS: integrate CAN interfaces
  • Heater and cooling Electronic – Power supplies to cooler and heater devices


Wire harnesses

Under wire harnesses we understand the classic wire looms or pre assembles wire trees used to steer and control different applications. Assembled on standard assembly boards, Maehler & Kaege adds its experience and know how to make sure that every harness exactly meets its customer requirements in functionality, design and quality.

Not only is Maehler & Kaege able to translate your design into a solution, Maehler & Kaege can design and create a solution from scratch, merely understanding the issues and the application. Maehler & Kaege builds a n electronic scheme and fits the fitting harness with its components to the situation.


Examples of applications include:

  • Dashboard harness: complete harness optimized to reduce assembly time at the OEM with standard integrated applications to limit the variations
  • Electronic Vehicle: main vehicle harness steering all main functions of the vehicle
  • Cruise controls: After sales cruise control kits, optimized and tested packed for the market
  • Agricultural machinery: main harnesses designed for the most harsh environments
  • 112 harnesses – specially design for 112 vehicles for reliability to meet the high specifications