Maehler & Kaege has been servicing military equipment producers for many decades. The company has a rich history in this field of e-connections and is one of the most experienced providers of e-connection solutions in this market.


Products in this market are expected to operate under the most extreme circumstances such as heat, cold and explosions.

The standards for products designed for these environments are very high. Markets with equally harsh operation conditions often apply the same norms for their products. Heavy-duty machinery fitted with Maehler & Kaege products are safeguarded from risks.

Maehler & Kaege develops, produces and delivers products that are in line with all the latest relevant standards, such as VG norms, and A, B and C-certification. The Maehler & Kaege products can be found in various vehicles such as tanks, armoured vehicles, military trucks and special purpose vehicles.


Military products

plugs and sockets   junction box   electrical coils
control lights   15p and EBS   battery power cables
cable assemblies   connection cables