70mm² power distribution connection

14 January 2016

Maehler and Kaege has started 2016 to introduce to you a new product variant of the 70mm² power distribution connection. As applications more often ask for currents going up to 2500Amps (10sec.) the quality of the connection becomes more critical.

For this reason Maehler and Kaege has introduced crimp contacts in the plug which replace the old lead based contacts.

+ Increase quality
+ Secure connection with less resistance
+ Quicker and cleaner installment
+ Smaller CO2 footprint
+ Healthier working environment

A further improvement has been a parking socket to protect unused connections, but also a security strap that holds the high power cable in place at all times during operations. This additional safety feature is unique in the market and prevents power interruptions and damages whilst in operation.


+ Parking socket
+ Additional safety feature
+ Secure connection during operation
+ Prevents interruptions

All these improvements are especially designed for heavy duty applications and those customer that really are looking for a high quality power distribution product.
For more information, contact your M&K account representative or contact our sales office in Germany and The Netherlands.