E-Social Mobility

E-Social Mobility

24 March 2015


Maehler & Kaege is known for its highly innovative program in the market for electrical connectors and end-to-end electrical connections. Together with Max Mobiliteit we have introduced a high-end technological innovation for the electrical social moblity market.

This innovation is called the MAX Car, a fully electrical car designed for 2 persons which offers freedom and mobility without a driver licence to residents and patients from healtcare institutions and nursing homes.

Maehler & Kaege’s role was to design an end-to-end electrical infrastructure from scratch to connect all the electrical functions of the car together. The hart of this infrastructure is the body control module, an intelligent hard en software solution which was designed and developed by Maehler & Kaege to controll all the functions of the car. Furthermore this body control modulecan provide all relevant operational data to the technicians during the lifecycle of the vehicle, to facilitate maintenance and improvements in the future.

To interconnect this intelligence to all the electrical functions Maehler & Kaege designed a highly suphisticated wireloom based on trustable and quality proved electrical components which will increase the lifetime of the vehicle.

The first 50 vehicles will be delivered to regional healthcare organisations in Friesland (Holland) during the summer of 2015.

For more information:
Maehler & Kaege: info@maehlerkaege.com
Max Mobiliteit: info@max-mobiel.nl www.max-mobiel.nl