Maehler & Kaege certifies cable according to VG 95218 T013 B002

Maehler & Kaege certifies cable according to VG 95218 T013 B002

15 April 2015

Maehler & Kaege is known for its broad portfolio military connectors, including the 2-pin connectors according to VG96917 or the 12-pin connectors according to VG96923, but we also support our customers with a broad experience in military cable assemblies and wire harnesses


For this purpose Maehler & Kaege has certified a new 2x35mm² twin cable according to VG 95218 T013 B002 based on DIN VDE 0282-6, replacing the 2 individual loose cables. This twin cable with rubber sheathing is even more flexible in extreme cold conditions. More importantly it is more compact to use and there is less of a chance that the cables get entangled.

Conductor Bare annealed copper stranded wires
Insulation Flame retardant oil resistant poly-chloroprene thermosetting compound
Test Voltage 1000V
Maximum conductor operating temperature + 85C°
Lowest ambient temperature for fixed installation - 40C°
Flame propagation EN 60332-1-2:2004 , IEC 60332-1-2:2004

This cable is specifically required for applications like welding, auxiliary power supplies, battery charging in highly demanding circumstances and where it is important that the cable retains its flexibility even under influence of ozone, oil and petrochemicals or damp.

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